Dr Feelgoods Tattoo Studio

Products for sale

I’m Sue, and I found when shopping for my own children and now grandchildren that most of it is the same old thing. I wanted something different but couldn’t find it so I decided to start doing it myself!

So far it’s bags, bibs and dribble bibs in tattoo related designs. The good thing about the bibs with the dummy attached is one they can’t lose it but you can also attach a toy if your baby doesn’t use a dummy. These will soon be available in even more fabrics and all of them cost just £5.

Bags and knicker bunting by Mermaid Bel (our resident piercer) are also available at the following prices.

Knicker bunting – £20 per 2m strand.
Hand painted calico bags from £25.
Appliqué calico bags from £15

More designs to follow. Pop in to the studio and have a look!